Facebook Launches ‘Threads’ – A Messaging App From Instagram

Facebook has released a new product to rival Snapchat. As announced lately, Facebook has rolled-out its Threads app – a standalone messaging app from Instagram.

Overview Of Facebook

Threads App As revealed from a recent blog post by Director of Product, Instagram, Robby Stein, Facebook has rolled out a new application. Dubbed as ‘Threads’, the new app is basically a messaging app from Instagram. It’s a camera-first app allowing users to enjoy sharing pictures and videos with friends in a safe environment. Elaborating about the app, Stein stated that Threads basically aims at providing a private messaging platform to the users. With Threads, users can share their content with Close Friends only. Since the app works over Instagram, users can easily create their list of ‘Close Friends’ to manage whom they share their content while using Threads. As stated in the blog post.

How ‘Threads’ Impact Users’ Privacy

Threads does however ask for some user data such as your location, however users can always manage this data permission. For instance, the Auto Status feature demands access to your phone’s location, battery level, and network connection and movement. This information is vital for the feature to work in the desired manner. As described by Karina Newton, Instagram’s Head of Policy, in a separate blog post.

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